The purpose of the training course of these courses is to instruct participants to operate safely, avoiding dangerous situations. The study of the topics covered will be divided into two modules, one theoretical and one practical. The reference legislation, the analysis of the components of the forklift truck and its various functions, safety rules and driver's responsibilities will therefore be discussed.

Once the theoretical part is over, the practical lesson takes place by testing the forklifts and their different functions. The teachers offer assistance throughout the duration of the course and at the end of the course the "licenses" are issued, useful to certify the knowledge and the ability to use the trolley correctly and safely. The license is a mandatory document for all those who use the vehicle (pursuant to Legislative Decree 81 of 2008 it is mandatory to use only specially trained workers for forklifts), has a five-year duration and is issued by an accredited body. The course is carried out in compliance with the agreement signed with the territorial joint body.


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